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Our Story

Our story began in 2021 as a Game program and has since grown into a business that we love and strive to develop every day.

Today, Hagel has a team of 36 senior APP business professionals from various industries who specialize in marketing, technology, LQA and customer service. Currently, Hagel maintains relationships with more than 120 APP distribution channels and local service partners in multiple countries around the world, serving APP domains such as games, novels, music and finance.

We are driven by values

The development, promotion and operation of an application is a large and complex rollout that requires significant human and financial support.

For example, expensive multi-language marketing and customer service, lack of legal documents for distribution channels, insufficient technical staff, etc. We are committed to solving the many problems you face in the process of APP globalization. Our APP experts provide you with comprehensive support to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. Our localization BPO services can free your team from tedious work and focus on innovation and R&D in core areas.

We can help you…


Finding Information and Channels

local market research

Customer data collection

KOL/KOC marketing

Paying for information only

Language Service

Reach your audience in language

APP Localization


Video Translation

Something else


Specialized staff support

Local Customer Service

Phone Answering Services

Live Chat Support

Something else

Customer say

Jason Stobbard

“…Absolutely fantastic work, many thanks for the perfect collaboration so far, very much appreciated!…”


“… I love this team! They did fantastic work, many thanks for the perfect collaboration so far, very much appreciated!…”

Our team

Lois Chou-Client Service
Allen Brown-Client Service
Kevin Kyo-PM
IT Engineer


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