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Fast Translation of Technical and Business Documents-Darwinbox

English to Thai and Arabic

【IT, Business and Contracts】

Darwinbox was founded in 2015 by Chaitanya Peddi, Jayant Paleti, and Rohit Chennamaneni. It is a cloud-based comprehensive human resources technology platform. Through this platform, clients can meet nearly all their human resources needs, including personnel recruitment, payroll management, employee behavior management, employee analytics, and more. As of 2022, Darwinbox’s platform has served over 1.5 million employees from more than 650 companies across 90+ industries. In the global SaaS-based human resources technology landscape, it ranks as the third-largest, following SAP and Oracle.

Challenge: Multilingual Translation of Technical and Business Documents

In 2020, Darwinbox embarked on a globalization journey, starting with Thailand and the Arab region to cater to the Asian market’s demands. During this process, Darwinbox had a substantial volume of technical and business documents that required translation. As a Saas software product, precise translation of certain core function names was crucial. Moreover, due to business considerations, Darwinbox needed to efficiently complete the translation work within a short timeframe.

Solution: Project Managers Leading a Team of 19 Professional Translators

To address this challenge, we implemented a project management solution. Two project managers led a team of 19 professional translators, divided into two groups for Arabic and Thai languages. They adopted a round-the-clock working approach and successfully delivered high-quality translations for Darwinbox’s requirements within one mo

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