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Game Localization

Localization is the stepping stone that takes your game, and shares it with the whole wide world.

Your Reliable Game Localization Translation Agency

Localization is the stepping stone that takes your game, and shares it with the whole wide world.

  • Testing out the game.
  • Composing translation style guides.
  • Hand-picking a translation team.
  • Setting a schedule.
  • Choosing your personal contact.
  • Providing translators with contextual info as necessary.
  • Confirming the target audience.
  • Forming project communication groups for quick sharing of info.
  • Sorting document formats.
  • Setting terms and glossaries.
  • Confirming glossary content with you.
  • Creating termbases.
  • Identifying key challenges presented by the source text.
  • Composing a core localization report.
  • Planning multi-language projects.
  • Keeping termbases updated.
  • Providing regular feedback reports.
  • Gathering your feedback.
  • Providing regular progress reports.
  • Adjusting translation styles, following your feedback.
  • Compiling translator queries.
  • Proofreading carried out by teams of language experts.
  • Additional proofreading carried out by project specialists.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure consistency.

Final Translation & LQA

  • Completing translation.
  • Assembling professional tester groups.
  • Building translated text back into the game.
  • Composing an LQA Report 1.0.
  • Adjusting the translation as necessary.
  • Composing an LQA Report 2.0.
  • Submitting the final translation.
  • Providing punctual translations for any additional translation content.
  • Editing our translation to match any alterations you make to the source, free of charge.

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