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Strong connection with users is the key to app development and optimization and gaining success

What are the Hyggeer Marketing services?

Help APP teams listen to consumers and boost performance through KOL promotion

Hyggeer Connect

The local team helps you connect with thousands of app target users and dig deep into their unique experiences and insights. Our research reports will provide you with valuable user information and in-depth feedback. We have helped dozens of APPs to get deep research users and successfully position their product direction.

Hyggeer KOL Marketing

KOL and KOC marketing has gradually become the main channel for users to acquire new apps, and accurate KOL/KOC marketing will achieve an average ROI of 14% higher than advertising channels. Hygger maintains good relationships with KOL teams in many countries around the world, and with the help of its internal KOL recruiting network, it is able to help apps to quickly carry out KOL/KOC cooperation and assist app teams to guide public opinion.

We can help you…

Gathering Opinions and Feedback

Want to know what real local users think when they see your product and understand its features? And what kind of suggestions they can provide?

Tapping into needs

Understanding the key needs of your users is the only way to know how your product can help them solve their problems.

Finding innovative features

Due to the difference in geographical location and cultural attributes, sometimes the “Ideas” of a whole team are not as good as the “Insights” of local consumers.

KOL Marketing

What kind of local KOLs are suitable for your app and what kind of partnership should be used? Small number of marketers, unable to find more KOLs for long-term cooperation?

KOC & Reviewing

No key users reviewing your app? App downloads and review directions are out of one’s control? How can you do a massive local user review promotion?

How do I begin marketing?

In just three steps, you’ll have access to amazing marketing services

Step 1

Click “Talk to Us” and one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 1-2 business days!

Step 2

Match candidates to your goals and negotiate and finalize an implementation plan

Step 3

Upon completion, you will receive a research report with video and data, and an evaluation of our services.

Have a question?

Ask away! It’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

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