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Software Localization

Enter the vast world of global opportunities with our advanced and agile

software localization services backed by our website localization technology

and expertise designed to give your software a global edge.

Why Choose Hyggeer for your Software Localization Services?

With Hyggeer Translation as website localization agency, we make sure you never stay behind in the global business competition. Connect to a wider audience with our professional and advanced software localization services designed to deliver the best results and nothing less.

Integrate with your Systems

We provide API integration for your Websites, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps and software that enable you to get your contentseamlessly translated without handling any files. Whether you are developing a mobile application, desktop software or websites, our state of the art API integration system will save you an incredible amount of time and resources. We support all languages including Java, PHP, Node and Rails.

Supported 200+ Languages

We have certified translation experts that are fluent in speaking and writing over 230 languages of the world. These languages come in over 800 pairs, and they over the languages of about 95% of the internet population.

Our professional translation experts make sure that the translation is so accurate and precise that it seems to be written originally for the target market.

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