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The Translation of Role Play Game – Deconstructeam

English to Chinese and Japanese

【Drama and Game】

Deconstructeam is a video game developer based in Valencia, Spain. The company was founded by Jordi de Paco in March 2012, and its most notable games include “Gods Will Be Watching” (2014) and “The Red Strings Club” (2018), both published by Devolver Digital. What sets the company apart is its expertise in controlling game pacing, attention to emotional details, and meticulous handling of complex storylines.

Challenge: Multilingual Translation of Narrative Text

Compared to other game companies, Deconstructeam’s games are known for their strong logic, storytelling, and inclusion of unique cross-cultural elements, such as witches, magic potions, punk aesthetics, and even stand-up comedy. Accurate translation of these elements is crucial for Deconstructeam’s games to resonate with players worldwide, especially those in the Asian market. This requires translators with not only gaming knowledge but also a deep reservoir of diverse cultural understanding.

Solution: Collaboration of 8 Translation Experts from Different Fields

We assigned Deconstructeam’s game documents to eight translation experts from four different fields, specializing in Chinese and Japanese. Working collaboratively under the guidance of a project manager, they successfully completed translations for four aspects of the game: “Technology,” “Mathematics,” “Art,” and “Variety Shows.” Despite the increased workload, they accomplished the translation task to the satisfaction of Deconstructeam, garnering purchases and positive reviews from players in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan!

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