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Translation of Land Mortgage Agreement—Ray White

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Challenge: Translation of Land Mortgage Agreement for a Chinese Client

Ray White has been operating in over 200 cities in Australia, but as part of its expansion strategy and providing real estate agency services to clients from other countries, the need for document translation has been a concern for the company.

Starting in 2021, some Chinese clients began seeking Ray White’s land mortgage services for beneficiaries also from China. This language barrier posed a significant challenge. To maintain proper records, Ray White needed to translate its notarial act and payment transfer sheet from Chinese to English, along with a substantial amount of bank documents.

After the land mortgage agreement was signed and validated by the parties involved in China, Ray White sought the services of Hyggeer Translation to translate the documents from Chinese to English.

Solution: High-Quality Translation of Legal Documents

In line with its mission to provide convenience and business excellence to industries across various functional areas, the professional and qualified translators from Hyggeer Translation provided the following services:

Translation of legal documents within a short timeframe, ensuring that all terms and conditions mentioned in the notarial act were accurately translated to include all sensitive information in the records. Translation of payment transfers containing all account details and commission information in Ray White’s bank account. Result: Efficient Translation for Record-Keeping and Fund Transfer By engaging the services of Hyggeer Translation, Ray White successfully translated the land mortgage documents from Chinese to English in a timely and cost-effective manner. Hyggeer Translation once again upheld its reputation for delivering high-quality translation services to companies efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.

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